The largest and Scariest Haunted House in the WORLD

Whether you have enough courage

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here I bring to you The largest and Scariest Haunted House on the WORLD which is actually recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.
The building is located in Japan inside Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park and just by looking at some of the pics below I doubt many people make it all the way through. Only a certain amount of people are let in at a time and it can take you up to 1 hour to find your way out of the maze. You can check out the amusement park here and see if you want to plan a trip.

Here i give you some hint to describe this haunted house :

This old building converted into a haunted house in the form of a hospital. Unlike the other haunted house, this haunted house has no path or direction that has been determined. Guests are required to walk alone. Inside the haunted house there are also many doors / windows must be opened manually by the guests. In addition to the terrible interior, a haunted house is also filled by workers who dress up like real ghosts.

The Haunted Hospital History :

The hospital is located under the foot of Mount Fuji was once a hospital is very popular. However, some doctor will act more concerned with money, the hospital was closed after some time. Undoubtedly, these doctor had a chance to operated patiens and take the patient's organ for sale. Patients who died just buried in a pit which is not very feasible. Entrusted this place is indeed haunted. There were guests who had seen a ghost spirit nun who brought a human head in his hands.

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